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  • PTW !

    Painting the World, One Kid at a Time

    Painting the world is an organization founded in 2016 by Luis Leon. This organization is dedicated to the growth of paintball, helping others, spreading the word about our sport, and bringing in the next generation of players.

    The Beginnings:
    Luis Leon founder and CEO started PTW in February of 2016. Mr. Luis Leon went to his local field and spoke to some of the children that were there that day. He met a kid, a kid with a desire to play but his family couldn’t afford to buy him gear or to take him to the field constantly. That night Leon went home and look thru his Facebook list of friends and asked for help. The first person to help him, Michael Bane with Rotten Kids, sent a few markers and hoppers as a donation. When Leon saw that the Paintball community was willing to help he officially started what is known today as Painting the World, One Kid at a Time. He launched a Painting the World, One Kid at a Time Facebook page on March 11, 2016 and by April 1, 2016 grew to 900 likes. Currently PTW has 4,300 likes, growing daily and has helped over 50 children by giving them paintball gear from donations made by the paintball community.

    The first person to join the PTW family was Leon’s good friend Sam Riley. The two together worked hard to promote, welcome new kids, and grow the sport as a whole. As time went by, PTW started creating chapters. Mary Burkhard came on board next and with the PA Chapter and next was Mr. Komakaloi with the CA Chapter. With these Chapters PTW can help more kids around the USA and Canada. They have worked hard to continue the PTW mission of helping the kids get into our sport.

    PTWPB - A new team in town:
    After spending a few months spreading the word about PTW, traveling to different events and playing scenario in different states, Leon decided to give the competitive side of paintball a shot (pun intended) and formed PTWPB. Their first player was Roger Nakada, followed by Vala and Jonathan, PTWPB’s first event was a D6 SPL event in 2016, followed by social cup...

  • DKPL - Results

    DKPL 2017 Final Standings

    After another fantastic year, the event which utilities different recball and training sites to host their events with the ambition to encourage new players into the sport, has come to their finale for 2017.

    Copenhagen PBclub and CPH Ducks we’re tight all season battling at each round to take the crown for the day and hoping to gain points for the end of season championship. 

    The games were nothing but tight and resulted with both teams sitting at the top of the leader-board with equal points at the end of the season. 

    With PBclub winning the previous 3 seasons their seeding doing into tournaments means they take the win and are crowned the 2017 DKPL Champions.

    Yep.... That means 2nd Place for CPH Ducks.
    With the 2018 Season about to kick off have a look at the dates and locations on the video below and see if your team has what it takes to compete and steal that crown from PBclub ;)

    Nice 1st and 2nd for the Emortal Army in Denmark.... :-)

  • Techs on Tour: CBX by PJ.
    As the Paintball season comes to a close. I gather my Tech gear and set off for my last event of the year. In my sights , Sao Paolo , Brasil. Largest city in South America and the Southern Hemisphere by populous. And also the largest Portuguese speaking city in the world. After a brief conversation with Receita Federal (Brasilian Customs). I made my way to Atibaia Paintball Arena about an hour outside the city.
    Upon arrival I meet with Julio Cesar Lima (Atibaia PB) and Rodrigo Araujo (CBX Organizer) to get a  taste of the local nectar "Banana Cachaca" and a  tour of the field and the modifications in the last stages. Atibaia PB has a Scenario field , Tactical field , and a Airball field. My eyes shined "Lime Green" as I  gazed in amazement at a brand new "Planet Eclipse Ultimate Airball Field".. Hugging the field was the custom Field Wrap Banner with CBX and Planet Eclipse proudly stamped and beautifully matching.  I was truly in Paintball Heaven and blessed.
    Clear skies with temps in the high 70's was the forecast for the weekend as players and teams began pouring in Saturday morning.

    Over 40 teams signed up for their chance to become champion of the Circuito Brasileiro do Paintball (CBX). Since its inception in early 2014 CBX has become the premiere paintball league in Brasil. Excellent staff, reffing crew, bathrooms, food, bar, pit areas, team stations, webcast, and too much more to list. NXL's Head Ref Aaron Bennington was flown in to lead the ref crew thru the event. And with that, lines were drawn in the sand and the battles began.
    Sunday separates the "Big Boys" in their respective divisions. Their is no better feeling than being in the "Sunday Club".. Some teams were out to just win this event but a select few had the Series Championship on their sights. In the Open Division,  Papaletto in particular lost the series last year to long time rival Jungle Boys. Competition has always been fierce in Brasil and the games reflected that. Mad bunkerings and stabbing at the Wall 50, run thrus on the Dorito side and Backshots from the Snake riddled games. Games were fun and exiting...

  • Mighty Ballin' Power Rangers
    We love hearing from our teams. We support many teams across the globe who are all fighting their own battles, either on the more mainstream stages (such as NXL and Millennium Series) or in their local and regional leagues against often bitter rivals.

    Ranger Warsaw, from Poland, have been with us for a number of years and have consistently improved year on year and 2017 was a particularly good year for them, in both their local event series, the Polish National League, and in the Millennium Series.

    © David Markowski

    After a long and entertaining season, they managed to become Champions of the Polish National League, for the 8th time in a row taking it to 15 titles in total. AND, to top that off they made Sunday Club at every Millennium Series event in the SPL division, taking 10th place overall.

    They're very excited to see what 2018 brings for them and European paintball and maybe they'll take their success to the next level.

    Great job by a great team.

    Good luck for 2018!

  • Techs On Tour: MXL Final Leg - Mexico by PJ

    Bags packed and I'm off to the final event of the  MXL (Mexican Xball League). Arrived in Guadalajara , Mexico about 5pm and made my way to Mexican Customs to meet up with my friends the "FEDERALIS". After a brief conversation and a thorough search of my baggage and person. I pondered on mixed feelings as I exited the airport. Apparently I must have looked like a past lover, but the FEDERALI said I was chosen at random. Lucky me, hahaha... Guadalajara  is well known for their Tequila and Mariachi, both born in Jalisco, the state of which GDL is the capital. Its economic base is strong and well diversified , mainly based on commerce and services, although the manufacturing sector plays a key role. 

    Saturday morning was a cool 54 degrees as the teams began rolling in. Nearly 30 teams signed up for their chance at the podium and some for the series championship. TJ ALLSTARZ , TITANS , RECOIL , SCORPIONS , and  BLACKWATER  were just a few to name. Rusty Dusty sent a couple players down from Texas. Wasn't long before the first player with a tech issue showed up and my day began. Planet Eclipse gun users can do well knowing we do not make a colored o-ring kit. Just in case you were wondering, I am color blind but I know black when I see it , hehehehe..

    The event ran smoothly thanks to some of the best refs in the game. The MXL Refs have been working with NXL Head Refs for years and it shows. Calls were on point and the judges weren't hearing it neither. Red and yellow flags would glide across the field at the slightest infraction. I admit it kept games clean and the best always showed. The refs  were organized and kept the event on point and on schedule. Hats off to these guys.

    Sunday rolled in and teams poured in once again. On any given Sunday any team can bring it, so bring your game face. Sunday is what separates the boys from men and the lil girls from woman. Teams finalize their plans of execution and prepare for battle. Refs square off their zones.  I made my...

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